Chicago-Southland Fiber Network Objectives

This project will be implemented with four distinct work activities combined to create the Chicago-Southland Fiber Network infrastructure:

  • Commercial Internet CSFN will link customers to Internet services providing them with high bandwidth commercial connectivity, access to data center applications, cloud services and other Internet based applications at data rates required to participate in a global business climate.
  • Public Sector Transport CSFN will provide Illinois Century Network transport network access providing high bandwidth data services to schools, libraries and municipal sites.
  • Enhanced Network Services CSFN has the capability to provide secure data links to meet the needs of most business sectors and can offer critical data services for every site and facility connected to the network.
  • Fiber Interconnect CSFN is creating a fiber rich environment. All fiber paths constructed by CSFN have the capacity to lease fiber strands to business, industry, public safety, and municipal government for any point-to-point fiber application offering a robust and reliable data path for critical applications.